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Akakç Integrations

By using JettyCart Akakçe Integration, you can send your products to Akakçe store, keep them up-to-date, and you can order and bill your orders via JettyCart.

  • Transactions to be used for the Akakçe Order Module You must have opened your store in Akakçe and have your virtual POS information in your e-commerce site defined according to your Akakçe account
  • Akakçe does not want to charge other shops like market places nor commission fee. If only customers click on Buy Now button, the price of 15 cents is deducted from the price that you have already uploaded to the store.
  • Starting from the ordering stage, the customer makes purchases intentionally with the customer completely.
  • Each order is an acquired customer.
  • Whether it is on your site or in Akakçe, you can also associate your user name after sales with your campaigns and announcements to get more interesting sales costs, resume orders and recurring orders.